I have taught a variety of courses at university level spanning the introductory and advanced levels. I also have considerable teaching experience from outside the university sector.

Feel free to inquire about course descriptions and further information.

American Government and Politics

University of Southern Denmark, undergraduate, spring 2017

Conceptual History of Democracy & Human Rights

Grundtvigs Højskole (Folk High School), (in Danish), spring 2013

Human Rights in U.S. Foreign Policy 1970-2000

University of Southern Denmark, undergraduate, spring 2014

Reagan’s America: U.S. Politics in the 1980s

University of Southern Denmark, undergraduate, fall 2015

Civil Religion i USA: Nationalisme, Religion og Historiebrug

University of Copenhagen, graduate, (in Danish), spring 2017

Human Rights in Foreign Policy

Lund University, graduate, spring 2020

Academic Information Seeking and Reference Management Software

University of Copenhagen, undergraduate, (in Danish), spring 2010, spring 2011